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Welcome to PETAL Solutions LLC – Pioneering Turbine Technology and Aerothermal Excellence

At PETAL Solutions LLC, we stand at the forefront of turbine technology, offering unmatched expertise and capabilities. Our foundation is deeply rooted in our access to one of the most advanced university turbine facilities in the United States. Our unique strength lies in our close collaboration with PETAL - the Purdue Experimental Turbine Aerothermal LabThis partnership allows us to leverage a facility renowned for its unparalleled capabilities, particularly in achieving a wide range of Reynolds and Mach numbers. Our scope covers high-subsonic, transonic, and supersonic operations, making us a versatile and formidable player in turbine technology.

Beyond our facility's physical capabilities, our expertise extends into the virtual realm of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and engine modeling. We boast a wealth of experience with multiple CFD software packages, including Ansys Fluent and ADS, equipping us with the tools to tackle complex aerothermal challenges. Our proficiency in engine modeling tools and optimization software further enhances our ability to deliver comprehensive and innovative solutions.

At PETAL Solutions LLC, we are not just about providing services but about creating value and pushing the boundaries of what's possible in turbine technology. Whether through groundbreaking research, bespoke consultancy, or advanced modeling and simulation, our goal is to deliver results that meet and exceed expectations.

Join us as we embark on a journey of discovery, innovation, and excellence in turbine technology. With PETAL Solutions LLC, you're partnering with a leader in aerothermal expertise and cutting-edge research capabilities.

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